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Current and Future Litters

Visit our site at to find our most up-to-date news on current litters and submit an application.

We do not require deposits in order to inquire, so feel free to reach out so we can meet you!

We regularly have litters with Tri-color, Blenheim, Ruby, and sometimes Black and Tan puppies.

Puppy News

Gwen + Sam Puppies Available (Born July 2024)

Black and Tan Female

Black and Tan Male

Black and Tan Male

Fionna + Sam Puppies Available (Born July 2024)

Black and Tan Male

Blenheim Male

Who are we?

We are a small hobby farm in Castorland, NY, a rural location in the midst of Snow Country, Lewis County.  We raise our Cavaliers with our children and they grow in love together.  Cavaliers are loving, and cuddly - they want to be with their humans and in our opinion are the sweetest breed of dog.  We believe everyone needs a Faithful Friend in their life.

Upstate New York Breeder of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Our Faithful Friends

Current Sire

Captain Sam (Tri-Color), a tender and energetic male who loves little ones and spending hours being cuddled.  Always up for a brisk walk and greeting the chickens as they wander by the backyard.

Current Dams

Princess Fionna (Ruby), the dainty princess whose spunk surprises anyone when they see her in action.  Loves to play with her babies and enjoys sleeping with the children and being victim to many of their games.

Lady Gwendolyn (Ruby), the travel companion and excellent mother.  Gwen has a warm personality and is unfazed by disturbances (kids and cars).  


Clara Rose (Blenheim), the ballerina and gymnast.  She makes such lovely eye-contact, all the time.


Faithful Friends Cavaliers is located in Lewis County, New York, in the town of Castorland.

Scam Notification

Do not ever send money to anyone who pretends to be Faithful Friends Cavaliers who is requesting money.  Contact us immediately if anyone appears to be impersonating Faithful Friends Cavaliers or is requesting money from you with our name.  Reach out to us using the contact for Julie- via Facebook or her phone number - or through  As of March, 2023 we will never request money through Venmo or PayPal.  Payments are made through or delivered in-person at the time of pickup - both are fail safes when it comes to your safety and ours.

Published March 5 2023

Contact Us

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